SOHN – ARTIFICE from Andreas Waldschuetz

After shooting in Los Angeles for the last weeks, Andreas Waldschütz returns with the
release of the latest video he shot and directed for singer,  multi-instrumentalist and
producer SOHN(4AD). SOHN´s debut album is coming out beggining of April. The video  was premiering yesterday via – unfortunatly the video link is blocked for German users through youtube but here it is through VIMEO…Enjoy!

Cameras: Volkmar Geiblinger, Andreas Waldschuetz, Faruk Pinjo, Michael Obex
Lighting: Katharina Krachler, Arthur Höfinger
Sound Engineer: Floxe
Stylist: Lauren Cooke
Post Production: Thomas Rath
Production Manager: Christina Fix
Thanks to Gernot Ursin!!!!

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