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March 2003
Medium: photographic C-print
Limited Edition of 9+1 AP
Signed and numbered

(70×105 cm is limited to only 4+1 AP)

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Fotografie "Sunshine" von Jan von Holleben

Jan says about this image:  Working on my first book project in 2003 I teamed up with an artist friend of mine. We gave us a limit of 24 hours to create all the images we needed for the book. Every single hour we had to come up with an idea for a new photograph, sketch it up and produce it until the next hour would start. We took off in Karlsruhe at a party at midnight and ended up in Freiburg at a party at midnight. This picture of me and my sunshine was taken shortly after we started in a flat in Karlsruhe at about 4 am. 

The first image of my #dreamsofflying series: the dog rider (the very starting point of my career) was to be photographed 8 hours later.


This image is from the series: ALWAYS EVERYTHING.

ALWAYS EVERYTHING is Jan von Holleben’s photographic atlas.

It started in 2016 as a personal project with a compilation of Jan von Holleben’s most playful work of his 15 years spanning career as photographer. Based on this collection and together with his very best and most playful friends, Jan then worked out more than 150 new images.
Combined with a distill of his original images, they span a full 18 year development of a grown up body of work: everything that he always wanted to play with. (tbc)

Always Everything is published as children’s book (age 3-99) in German under ALLES IMMER – das Bilderbuch at Beltz Verlag in summer 2019.

ALWAYS EVERYTHING – the picture book
Explore, be amazed, be inspired! A big fat funny (yet terribly serious) book made up of whopping 372 pictures. Each photograph tells its own story and is linked to the next one: look closely, find the clues, enjoy the connections.

Playing with photography at its best – for any visual being between the ages of 3 and 103.