Corona Holidays


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Jan 2021
Medium: photographic C-print
Limited Edition of 9+1 AP
Signed and numbered

(70×105 cm is limited to only 4+1 AP)

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Fotografie "Corona Holidays" von Jan von Holleben

Jan says about this image:  What else is there to do than take what you have and make the best of it? So go go go go!


This image is from the series:

Science Sucks – it does not give a fuck about what you believe

Making sense of things in 2021 isn’t easy. And maybe even objectivity differs from our own perspective and opinion? What if reality is just a bit too harsh for our liking? Or what if we just don’t fully get it?

Then magic helps a long way. Let me give you some of mine! I spent the last year feeling, reading and thinking a lot. Actually also traveled a lot, besides family met only a few hand picked people, spent days and weeks on end with my two year-old curious and demanding son, and transformed my ideas into sketches for photographs. Only then I came floating down from the snow-stormy hills of my mind, refreshed and full of energy, gathered a powerful group of players around me and created this set of images in only a few weeks.

I want to present to you how easy life can be – if that’s what you need. I want to lure you into comfort and joy. Spectacle and unbelievable exciting views. Nothing harsh or blinding. Just goodness and sweetness.

Be curious, join in and and let me tell you in 82 simple visual steps what it takes to overcome your beliefs and trust science fully. So let’s get started with the magic!

Yours Admiral Jan Berlin, March 2021