Covid 19 Diary – II


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Covid-19 – II  

Fotografie "Covid 19 Diary - II" von Jean-Claude Winkler

Between March and July 2020 the COVID-19 pandemic hit Germany hard with lock downs and minimal contact to other people and put most photography jobs to a sudden hold. In these times of insecurity and not knowing what is going to happen next i decided to spend my unexpected spare time with shooting my “ Covid 19 Diary “. The diary contains shots of my “escape journeys” wich took place within a radius of 300 kilometres around my home town Stuttgart. Spending nights in my van, taking beautiful landscape shots in the middle of the night or early in the morning with long hikes was almost like a healing process to my soul and a meditation to cope with the up coming challenges like isolation and the fear of the unknown. Looking back it did contribute big time to my mental well-being in these uncertain times.