Fotograf Wolfgang Groeger-Meier


Photographer and author Wolfgang Groeger-Meier was born in versailles and grew up near Paris. In his first studio in Hamburg Wolfgang was shooting people and cars for magazines and the industry. Very quickly he became a very demanded photographer working worldwide. On shootings in the US, Japan, China, India, Morocco, Brazil and at his favorite places in Europe Wolfgang always finds the perfect location to shoot people and cars in the best light. Wolfgang Groeger-Meiers books about travel stories on dreamroads in France and Italy are remarkable. His latest book -Lockruf des Suedens- (Lure Of The South) is about a fantastic roadtrip on German federal highway Bundesstrasse 3, also called B3. The book has won the Motorworld Special Book Prize. exhibitions in berlin, munich, tokyo and taipeh were presenting Wolfgang Groeger-Meiers work.

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