Fotograf Victor S. Brigola


It’s in the nature of things that most architectural photographs do not feature people. Victor’s pictures, however, show a very personal and true-to-live perspective. Instead of reducing architecture to geometrical structures or abstract patterns, he captures the location’s atmosphere, illuminating its significance as a living room, as a working space or as a vivid part of our cultural heritage. Victor’s passion for architecture has a lot in common with the curiosity of an archeologist: What does the edifice tell us about its creators and its inhabitants? Can we learn more about the era it was built? How does it reflect today’s world and our own point-of-view? Victor's ambition is to approach a building with the same care and precision as the architect himself. Awards like the European Architectural Photography Prize 2019, participating in the Festival international du film d’archéologie de Nyon, or being invited to the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Photographie prove that his effort is valued not only by his clients, but also by international colleagues and professional institutions. Having enjoyed a fundamental qualification and more than 20 years of experience, Victor now has also become an instructor himself. He works as a lecturer in Stuttgart’s renown Merz Akademie, offers private workshops and regularly teaches camera technic in Innsbruck – focussing on the monorail camera, which has always been his favorite instrument in architectural and landscape photography.

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